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To the frog pond!

Several family members tend to be packrats, and I’ve been known to display similar tendencies. But you know what? I’m kind of tired of it. I’m over having stuff I don’t use or don’t like. So, I frogged a few things earlier this year. “Like what?” you may ask. Well:

My mistake rib hat, for one. I’ve never actually worn it because it’s way too big on me.

The one Fairways sock, for another. This sock was an interesting exercise, but I have no intention of ever repeating it, and what good does a single human-sized sock do me when I have two feet?

Finally, my Shetland Shorty. Which you won’t remember because I never made an FO post about it. Also, I’ve barely worn it, because as you probably can tell, it’s now smaller than I’d like. (Yes, I took this photo right before I frogged the thing, because it turns out I hadn’t taken one before. Oops.)

Yay, fresh slate!

And since I’ve already used some of the resulting yarn and have plans for the rest – yay, future projects!

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Toasty toes

Hey, look, sock toes!

To the left, we have a Mock Wave Cable Sock. To the right, we have the (finally!) revived Fairways sock.

I don’t have much to say about the former, except that I’m tired of purlwise M1s. But the latter’s another story. You can totally tell I hadn’t worked on it in ages – my colorwork’s all wonky. (Should block out, though. I hope!) Also, I don’t particularly love the toe, but then again I don’t hate it, either. So I think I’ll just leave it.

And finally, it’s pretty high on the list of “things I will never do again.” Well, okay, it’s not quite there yet. I’ll probably knit the second one at some point, after all! But then it’ll go on the list! Believe me when I say that my next colorwork socks will be much simpler.

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Beneath one’s feet

I’d ripped the toe out of this sock ages ago, because it didn’t fit properly. I haven’t knit another stitch on it since, as I just wasn’t in the mood to mess with my charts and rework them.

I guess I should show what the sock currently looks like, though. I’ve already shown a shot of the leg, so you get the bottom of the foot this time.

I like it, I think. Though the next time I do a colorwork sock, I’ll just do a striped sole or something, because man, the heel turn and gussets were overly complicated.

I recently started redrafting the toe charts, so hopefully I’ll get to the actual knitting part soon.

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Charted and recharted

Thanks for the all the comments on my argyle-ish socks! I appreciate the encouragement, especially after this week’s progress.

First off, remember how I said that turning the heel was my least favorite part? Well, it figures that I’d have to rip it out and start over.

The problem was that I’d offset the pattern incorrectly when I charted it the first time. Oops.

And then there’s the gusset.

I’m not completely sure how I feel about it yet. It’s definitely not perfect; in particular, there’s a couple of small spots along the decrease lines that could be improved upon. On the other hand, I really don’t want to rip it out again, because this is actually my second try at the gusset. (I’d gotten about halfway through the first attempt when I decided I didn’t like how that was turning out.)

So I’m trying to decide whether I can live with what I currently have or if I should just suck it up, rip back, and rechart and knit it yet again. Thoughts, anyone?

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Not-so-traditional argyle

So as soon as I finished a sock with a stranded stitch pattern, I switched to a sock with stranded colorwork.

I’ve had ideas for these socks running around in my head for awhile, and I’m so glad I finally get to to put it all together.

I’d never done colorwork before, but it’s not like I was going to let that stop me! I just did a swatch and then ran with it. It’s been a good learning experience so far, and I’m pleased with the results, despite the minor tension wonkiness (yes, that’s a tension issue on the middle left, not an actual mistake). It should block out just fine, though, and it really does look better than the picture lets on.

The heel flap was a bit annoying to work, given that it’s stranded colorwork knit flat. It’s also a bit longer than I’d prefer, but it was kind of necessary because of the way the numbers for the heel turn worked out. Speaking of which:

This was eighteen short rows of sheer pain. Okay, maybe not sheer pain; I’m exaggerating a bit. But let’s just say it was my least favorite part.

I’ve just started the gusset. I’m not entirely sure it’ll work out the way I want it to, but we’ll see what happens.

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