Toasty toes

Hey, look, sock toes!

To the left, we have a Mock Wave Cable Sock. To the right, we have the (finally!) revived Fairways sock.

I don’t have much to say about the former, except that I’m tired of purlwise M1s. But the latter’s another story. You can totally tell I hadn’t worked on it in ages – my colorwork’s all wonky. (Should block out, though. I hope!) Also, I don’t particularly love the toe, but then again I don’t hate it, either. So I think I’ll just leave it.

And finally, it’s pretty high on the list of “things I will never do again.” Well, okay, it’s not quite there yet. I’ll probably knit the second one at some point, after all! But then it’ll go on the list! Believe me when I say that my next colorwork socks will be much simpler.

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