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To the frog pond!

Several family members tend to be packrats, and I’ve been known to display similar tendencies. But you know what? I’m kind of tired of it. I’m over having stuff I don’t use or don’t like. So, I frogged a few things earlier this year. “Like what?” you may ask. Well:

My mistake rib hat, for one. I’ve never actually worn it because it’s way too big on me.

The one Fairways sock, for another. This sock was an interesting exercise, but I have no intention of ever repeating it, and what good does a single human-sized sock do me when I have two feet?

Finally, my Shetland Shorty. Which you won’t remember because I never made an FO post about it. Also, I’ve barely worn it, because as you probably can tell, it’s now smaller than I’d like. (Yes, I took this photo right before I frogged the thing, because it turns out I hadn’t taken one before. Oops.)

Yay, fresh slate!

And since I’ve already used some of the resulting yarn and have plans for the rest – yay, future projects!

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