Beefsteak and green beans and more!

Been awhile since I've posted….

Generally speaking, every lunch I pack is at least half leftovers. Friday's was no exception:

Thursday night's dinner was Filipino beefsteak and rice, with a large helping of green beans. I'd cooked the green beans with soy sauce and mirin, which was delicious, but it probably wasn't the smartest move in the world because, well, talk about a soy sauce-heavy meal! (The beefsteak also uses soy sauce.)

So, I wanted a lunch that was slightly more varied in flavor.

I packed leftover steak, green beans, and rice in the evening. Then, on Friday morning I made zucchini and chickpea flour pancakes. Shredding the zucchini takes a bit of time, so I normally wouldn't make these pancakes in the morning before work, but I'd woken up earlier than usual. I sliced one pancake for my lunch and the other for a snack.

Finally, I added some sweet cherries.

The final meal was still a bit heavy with the soy sauce (and thus with sodium), but the pancakes and cherries lightened the meal up overall. All in all, this was a tasty and filling lunch. Yay, success!

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