September 2008 goals

I finally found my missing tripod part! Of course, now it’s September, which means I let another month go by without posting.

But! On the plus side, now I have another post drafted and set to go out sometime next week. And, it’ll be something you haven’t seen before!

In the meantime, last month’s goals:

  1. Finish the not-entirely-secret WIP – Done! Will this be unveiled next week?
  2. Finish Cleopatra wrap – Not done. Or will this be the one I post about?
  3. Work on at least one pair of socks – Done. Yay Sharks!
  4. Work on Tubey v2 – Done
  5. Work on Mountain Peaks Shawl – Not done

And now, this month’s!

  1. Finish Sharks socks
  2. Work on at least one lace project
  3. Work on Tubey v2

Not very exciting, I know, but they’re something, right?

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