August 2008 goals

I did say that blog updates were going to be few and far between, but I didn’t think I’d disappear altogether for two months! Oops. That’s offline life for you, though.

Thankfully, my life’s starting to calm down a bit. But sadly, I seem to have misplaced one of my tripod parts (the part that actually attaches my camera to the tripod), so no photos until I find or replace that part.

In the meantime, I left off with my May goals, so let’s see how well I did with those over the past few months:

  1. Work on Retro Ribs – Not done. Worked on my Sharks socks instead.
  2. Work on Tubey v2 – Done!
  3. Finish the not-entirely-secret WIP – Not done, but I’m pretty close.

Goals for August:

  1. Finish the not-entirely-secret WIP
  2. Finish Cleopatra wrap
  3. Work on at least one pair of socks
  4. Work on Tubey v2
  5. Work on Mountain Peaks Shawl

Hopefully can I find my missing tripod part and post about my progress soon!

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