Silk and lace

I’d intended to finish this particular project in early August, as I had multiple weddings to attend last month and this accessory would’ve gone beautifully with my dress. However, I started just a bit too late for that.

I’m sure I’ll still find good use out of this when it’s finished, though!

This is the Cleopatra Wrap. I’m knitting this out of Redfish 20/2 silk. I’d intended to use it for this pattern from the get go, and I’m really pleased by how nicely it’s turning out!

I’ve never worked with 100% silk before, though, so this brings up a question: what’s the best way to block silk? I’ve wet-blocked wool/silk blends just fine, but I’m kind of scared to do that with an all-silk yarn for some reason. I’ll have to refine my search terms and poke around online for more info…

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  1. Sandra says:


    the wrap looks gorgeous ; ))).

    I´m in the process (for over 2 (!) years now, mind you) of tackling this project myself. And as it is supposed to be a gift , I´m on the hunt for the perfect colour and yarn, which has been eluding me so far…but..the yarn you took looks like it might be a winner.

    So before I order there ,I wondered: how much yarn did you end up using with the wrap.

    I find the yardage requirements in the book misleading, since it is just the yardage of the two skeins of original yarn. i do not think you need 1400 yards to make this.

    I´d be utterly happy if you could help me out there.

    Thanks you in advance…your help would be highly appreciated.

    Have a great day.



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