Sanshoku donburi, green beans, bell peppers and onions.

I packed both lunch and dinner today, since I didn't have much time to pick up or cook something before Comic-Con's Preview Night.

Dinner was pretty simple:

The main dish is one of my favorite meals, sanshoku donburi – literally, three-color rice bowl. The version in this lunch consists of beef soboro, iri tamago, and blanched chopped spinach on top of white rice.

This is a bit high in sodium thanks to heavy use of soy sauce, but it's not horrible if you only use a little meat (very doable, as it's strongly flavored).

Veggie sides are green beans roasted with garlic and shallots and pepper and onion confit. If I manage to post other Comic-Con meals, you'll probably see the confit in all of them, as I made a huge batch and won't have time to cook much else.

I actually didn't have time to eat the whole dinner in one sitting. I was eating while in line and couldn't hold both tiers of my bento box, and I only had time to finish the sanshoku donburi before entering the exhibit hall. Which was filling enough on its own, but I would've preferred eating it with the veggies – the contrasts would've made my tastebuds happier. Oh well. At least the veggies kept just fine until I got home. (Although I wouldn't have eaten them if I'd gotten home a half hour later – I'm not totally comfortable with room-temp food after a certain amount of time.)

Anyway, I call this one a success!

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