A little too loose here

I’m a pretty loose knitter, but this combination is a bit ridiculous even for me:

Lorna’s Laces Swirl DK, US size 0 Inox DPNs.

I liked the fabric I was getting on US 2s, but the gauge is too loose for socks. I then swatched on 0s because my 1s are otherwise occupied. I didn’t actually think it would work out, but I was pleasantly surprised by the results and decided I’d stick with it. It did take a bit of getting used to, though, especially after having just finished using Koigu on 0s.

Yup. It definitely makes me happy.

I worked this sock toe-up, because I wasn’t sure how tall I could make it without running out of yarn, but I actually did manage to get my preferred leg height out of one skein.

Oh well, at least I got some practice with doing heel flaps toe-up. I had a minor mishap or two when reverse engineering the Dutch heel, but the yarn’s no worse for wear after being frogged and re-knit a couple of times.

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2 Responses to A little too loose here

  1. Disentangled says:

    It came out great!! So pretty and such a completely elegant design. Congrats!

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