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Off the needles and on the feet

You know how it seems like there’s always just one inch left for hours and hours, and then suddenly you’ve knit way past the point you intended? That totally happened with my latest pair of socks (just ask Jessica and Jen). But, I unraveled the excess rows and then did just the right amount of 1×1 ribbing to get the following:

Getting a halfway decent picture of your feet and ankles is hard… you have no idea how long this photo shoot took me.

Anyway, project stats:

Pattern: None. Well, not exactly, anyway… see notes.
Yarn: Lorna’s Laces Swirl DK in Aqua
Needles: US0 Inox DPNs

These socks were partially inspired by Bobby Ziegler‘s Thuja. And by “partially inspired,” I mean that I saw how well the stitch pattern worked for socks; that’s the only thing my socks have in common with the Thuja pattern.

The gauge is different, for one thing. And then there’s the matter of construction. I worked these socks toe up – always a handy method if you’re afraid of running out of yarn. The following techniques were used:

  • Yarnover short row toe. I originally learned this method using instructions Jessica provided (in an early draft of her Falling Leaves pattern), and I much prefer it to the wrap and turn short row method.
  • Reverse-engineered Dutch heel. I mostly used Denise Powell’s instructions as a reference.
  • A sewn tubular bind off (also known as k1p1 bindoff, or grafted bind off, or Kitchener bindoff). There’s a couple of different variants to this bindoff; I prefer the one I’ve just linked to, but then again, I happen to like kitchener stitch.

I’m really happy with these. Yes, they’re fairly plain and basic, but they fit me nicely and I’m pleased with all the little details.

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A little too loose here

I’m a pretty loose knitter, but this combination is a bit ridiculous even for me:

Lorna’s Laces Swirl DK, US size 0 Inox DPNs.

I liked the fabric I was getting on US 2s, but the gauge is too loose for socks. I then swatched on 0s because my 1s are otherwise occupied. I didn’t actually think it would work out, but I was pleasantly surprised by the results and decided I’d stick with it. It did take a bit of getting used to, though, especially after having just finished using Koigu on 0s.

Yup. It definitely makes me happy.

I worked this sock toe-up, because I wasn’t sure how tall I could make it without running out of yarn, but I actually did manage to get my preferred leg height out of one skein.

Oh well, at least I got some practice with doing heel flaps toe-up. I had a minor mishap or two when reverse engineering the Dutch heel, but the yarn’s no worse for wear after being frogged and re-knit a couple of times.

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