October 2009 goals

Okay, so what I said about documenting last month? I lied. But not on purpose! Basically, it got too warm for me to wear the last couple FOs, and one of them looks significantly less impressive when it’s laid flat, so… there you have it.

It’s cooling down here again, though, so I do have photos of one project. Two more projects to photograph, and then I should be all caught up on FOs! WIPs, on the other hand…

In the meantime, let’s make some goals:

  1. Finish Froot Loops
  2. Start and finish a pair of fingerless gloves
  3. Finish at least one chart for Lotus Blossom
  4. Start a sweater

I know, I know, I’m referring to two projects you haven’t seen yet, but I promise they exist!

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