Baudelaire socks

So, once again I will not be setting goals, as the month’s half over already. Instead, the rest of this month will be more about documenting past projects.

To start off, let’s look at the socks I finished back in June.

Baudelaire by Cookie A

Koigu Premium Merino in color 2400

US1 / 2.25mm Crystal Palace DPNs

This is an instance of my knitting three socks to get a complete pair. Or rather, three and a half socks! I knit the foot of the first sock, realized it was coming out too small, and restarted on larger needles. Then I finished the sock on said larger needles, only to find that the leg was too small. (The foot, however? Totally fine.) So I ripped back to the top of the heel flap, added more purl stitches between the cables and leaves, and finally got a finished sock.

It wasn’t as terrible as it sounds, though. I enjoyed this pattern, so I didn’t mind all the extra knitting for this pair of socks.

Also? I think it was worth the effort. I quite like these!

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