Spicy shredded chicken with brown rice

I haven't really done anything all that special for meals this week. I liked today's lunch well enough, but I think I'm falling into a bit of a rut.

My mom makes awesome chicken enchiladas, and part of the (long but well worth it) process involves boiling and shredding chicken, then simmering in tomato sauce and onions and spicy goodness. The filling is delicious, but far too much work for me, so yesterday I decided I'd try to adapt it for crockpot cooking. The results were decent, but not perfect, so I'll have to keep working on that.

Anyway. In addition to shredded chicken, I had roasted asparagus and sweet pepper and onion confit – nothing you haven't seen before. I've been doing an awful lot of roasting lately, and believe it or not, I don't always use asparagus, but it had been on sale and I love it, so… yeah.

Finally, brown rice. I actually really like short grain brown rice as long as it's not overly dry. Basically this means I end up cooking it on the stove, as I haven't quite figured out how to make it with my rice cooker (my cooker's several years old and not particularly fancy, so no special brown rice settings).

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