“Teriyaki” chicken with sushi salad

To add some real content to this journal, I'll post my lunch from yesterday.

(I probably should've put this on a table first – my counter doesn't make for the nicest backdrop here. Oh well.)

This is packed in a bento box, the container I use most frequently these days. This box contains more food than you think – until I dumped the contents out on a plate one day, a colleague/friend was worried about how little I seemed to eat.

Anyway, the lunch itself contains some leftovers from the previous night's dinner, so packing this took very little effort. The meal consists of:

  • Sushi salad: I tend to use seasoned rice vinegar daily anyway (for example, I often have greens-based salad with just rice vinegar and toasted sesame oil). So when I stumbled upon this recipe sometime ago, I had to try it. And I've made variations on it ever since – you can easily add or remove ingredients to suit your preferences and/or dietary requirements. For example, if you're allergic to soy, you can leave out the edamame and cook the mushrooms differently. This time I left out the almonds and sesame seeds (I had neither) and omitted the nori garnish (which would've gotten soggy as it sat in the fridge).
  • “Teriyaki” chicken: This isn't teriyaki in the strictest sense. It's baked instead of broiled or grilled, and the marinade's not exactly traditional (I added pineapple juice because I had some I needed to use up). I didn't add extra sauce when packing because it's too messy. It's also not really necessary.
  • Rainier cherries: I like cherries in general and love Rainier cherries specifically, and will happily splurge on them when available. Yes, they are in a silicone baking cup. I don't really bake, so I had to get good use of these cups somehow!
  • Roasted asparagus: These weren't leftovers. But they were still pretty effortless, since I let them roast while I was getting ready for work.

This earned an unsolicited compliment from a colleague (the lunch looked better in person). Far more importantly, it was a tasty, tasty meal. So all in all, I consider this one a success!

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