Overtimed out

I haven’t updated in quite awhile. Nor have I done much reading from my list. Oh well. Like I’ve said before, this is a super-long-term project, so…

I did finish 1919 back in April, and I started The Big Money. I’ve still not finished the U.S.A. trilogy, though. Nor have I finished Blindness by Jose Saramago, which I started in late April and have only picked up sporadically in the past couple of weeks.

It’s partly because I’ve been distracted by Stanley Cup playoffs. I picked a bad year to start reading from these lists, because there are only four things I’d care to watch when they’re actually televised and three of them – the Winter Olympics, Stanley Cup playoffs, and the World Cup – are 2006 events. Okay, so the Stanley Cup happens every hockey season, and I’ll be missing most of the live broadcasts of the World Cup games because they’re airing during business hours, but still.

It’s also because work’s been crazy, and I’ve been putting in massive amounts of overtime. Taking it back into Bookworm’s Quest territory and away from personal blogging, this means that I haven’t had the energy to invest in the books that I’d had in progress. The Big Money is even more difficult for me to read than the preceding book in the series, and the characters really start to blur together when you’re seriously lacking sleep. And Blindness, while well done and compelling so far, is not always “enjoyable,” and it’s hard to keep track of who’s speaking (which I’m sure is deliberate, a subject I’ll touch upon in a later entry).

So I opted for lighter reading material throughout the month of May. Most of that material is not on my master reading list. But, well, my sister had shown me the Memoirs of a Geisha DVD the last time I saw her. (Terrible movie, by the way – not only is it far too much of a chick flick for my tastes, it’s also a poor adaptation, and my sister kept asking me to elaborate events and details.) For the sake of comparison, this meant that I had to read the book by Arthur Golden.

I hadn’t read it since 2003. I really liked it at the time, but it looks a little different three years later. Now I feel that it moves a little too slowly for my tastes, and it gets to be a little sappy. But, I still think it’s pretty well-written, with some lovely descriptions. And it suited my needs nicely. It’s entertaining enough, and I don’t have invest too much energy and thought into it – I can just let go and enjoy it for what it is.

Blog entries and other site updates will be sparse for a little while longer. But I’ll be back with more bookish blather soon enough!

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