Entrelac and lace

Look, an FO!

(Not entirely true to color, but close enough!)

Pattern: Forest Path Stole by Faina Letoutchaia, published in Interweave Knits Summer 2003

Yarn: Jaggerspun Zephyr in Bottle Green. It’s wonderful to work with and has a lovely sheen to it. I used just under 2520 yds/8 oz.

Needles: US3 Crystal Palace circulars and DPNs

I really enjoyed knitting this! Normally stoles bore me to tears, but the entrelac and the continuous switching between charts kept things interesting.

The stole looks like a more intimidating knit than it actually is. This was the first time I’ve done entrelac, but it’s not a difficult technique. The lace charts aren’t too hard, either, but if you ever knit this, don’t forget to check the errata first!

I never managed to get the selvedge stitch count to work out for the left side triangles, but that wasn’t a big deal – I just picked up one less stitch along those triangles and adjusted the next row accordingly.

If I could have done anything differently, I would have figured out a way to attach the side borders as i went along. Because the lace was the fun part, and the seed stitch border was a bit monotonous and anti-climatic afterward.

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12 Responses to Entrelac and lace

  1. MJ says:

    Saw your shawl over on LiveJournal–it’s fabulous! Great color, too! I’ve wanted to knit this for a while, and I hope I’ll get to it this year. Thanks for the link to the errata as well!

  2. Kris says:

    It’s absolutely beautiful!

  3. kitty kitty says:

    I am so glad I followed the link from Mj’s site. The shawl is really lovely. I hadn’t seen the pattern before, but I am really tempted now after seeing yours. For me personally, I really like stoles over triangular shawls so a perfect fit.


  4. mimsie says:

    AHHHHH It’s so pretty!!!!!!

  5. Jenny Raye says:

    Beautiful! Now I want to knit this stole more than ever. The enterlac has been intimidating me and keeping me away from the pattern, but I may just have to overcome my fear and give it a try.

  6. Disentangled says:

    Soooo pretty! It came out wonderful!

  7. jacqueline says:

    i have been looking at this stole forever…one of the girls from our local snb made one in black about 3 years ago. however, i have never been tempted until now!

    it is absolutely stunning.

  8. Criminy! That is an eyeful and it’s GORGEOUS!

  9. Opal says:

    I’m inspired all over again to knit this stole. Thank you!

  10. chappy says:

    absolutely stunning!

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