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Mindless out of necessity

I’ve mentioned this before, but I hate knitting rectangular scarves. And yet, I have one on the needles.

What prompted this? Well, my three other WIPs are in much finer yarn; the heaviest of those three is in fingering weight yarn. Which gets hard on the hands after awhile. I do better when I have several projects, with varying weights of yarn, in progress.

The other problem? None of those other WIPs are completely mindless. Well, actually, the Chamomile Tunic is now, but at the time I started this scarf, Chamomile required a lot of active attention, and was not a good project for me when I was trying to keep my main focus on other things like work, or TV, or a book. And the Spring Shawl and Twisted Flower both require charts. This scarf, on the other hand, has a single row repeat.

Another nice thing about this project is that it’s using some of the oldest yarn in my stash. I’ve had this Manos del Uruguay yarn in my stash for a good seven years – that’s almost as long as I’ve been knitting!

The bad thing is, I’m already excruciatingly bored with this project. But I guess you can’t have it all.

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