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One glove down?

So I still haven’t made progress on my right glove (although I really should). I’ve been spending lots of time with FPS and Eris lately. But, I did finally get around to blocking my left glove, and now I know what to improve upon.

I did the first stitch of every color change round a bit too tightly on the fingers, so I’ll have to remember to do it loosely.

Unfortunately, I was left with a bit of a hole on the thumb, so I went back and sewed it shut. Note to self: pick up an extra stitch and knit it together with another on the next round.

And finally, the hand is indeed a bit shorter than I’d prefer. But, it’s only one row off, so it fits, mostly, and I can wear it.

Although I may end up knitting a fourth glove anyway, because my perfectionist streak has kicked into high gear and I’m not 100% happy. If I don’t have enough yarn left in the ball after I complete the right glove, I can always unravel my prototype (I never did weave in all the ends, so that shouldn’t be too difficult).

Yeah, I know. Four gloves to produce a pair is kind of ridiculous. But I don’t actually think it’s such a big deal, because like I’ve said, my gloves are tiny little things.

To give you an idea of the scale:

This is why I can’t wear adult small gloves.

Hopefully I’ll get my right glove done over the weekend. And then I’ll decide on whether I’ll really knit a second left glove or just wear the one I’ve got.

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Late August progress

Here’s the completed collar for Eris:

I like cables. I like them a lot. And I can’t help but be rather proud of this collar.

Still haven’t done additional knitting for the sweater. I probably won’t start on the yoke until after I cast on for Lotus Blossom, especially since the collar isn’t 100% dry yet.

In the meantime, I’ve kept working on the gloves. Why, oh why, did I decide to continue the striping into the fingers?

Oh yeah. I’m absolutely insane.

It’s kind of hard to take a picture of your right hand when, um, you’re right-handed. But, progress so far:

It’s loose, which is sort of odd because I’d subtracted stitches after my initial calculations. And my gauge really hasn’t changed, either. So I’m baffled. I don’t think I measured my hand wrong, but… well, maybe I did?

The index finger is especially baggy, but that partly has to do with the fact that I based the stitch count off the article’s formula, and not after my finger’s actual circumference.


I think I’ll just consider this glove a prototype. I should have enough yarn for a third glove. Or I could always rip this one out. But I’ll go ahead and finish this one. That way, I’ll know exactly what to modify and how.

At least it’s such a quick project, I don’t feel like I’ve wasted a whole lot of time on it. I want these to be perfect anyway, as I’m going to use them so much, so the extra effort is certainly going to be worth it.

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A handful of yarn

I finished the collar for Eris on Thursday night. I’m blocking it out right now, as I want to try and even out some cable wonkiness before I get to the body, and as the room I’m blocking it in has absolutely no natural light sources, a picture will have to wait until the collar is dry,

The momentary project monogamy was good while it lasted, but I have a new WIP in my life.

I bought some size 2 DPNs yesterday and cast on for this:

This is the cuff and most of the hand of a glove. I’ve only got a few rows left until I start on the fingers – my hands are pretty small, so it’s going rather quickly. I’ve decided that I do want fingers for my gloves after all, just no tips (as they would make typing a tad difficult…).

It’s a tad wonky at the side there, because that’s where I’m carrying up the strands of yarn – no, that’s not self-striping yarn – but blocking should even it out. And at least the striping prevents boredom.

No pattern for this. I’m using the Progressive Gloves article from IK Winter 2003 as a starting off point, but I’m including asymmetrical gussets, and I plan to start the pinky earlier than the other fingers. I might also start the ring finger a couple of rows before my middle and index fingers, but I haven’t completely decided on that yet.

It’s probably too optimistic to hope for completion by the end of the month, but I definitely want to be done within two weeks. If it’s not done by then, I just know I’ll lose interest and not finish for months.

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