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Textured Shawl

Oh my goodness, I can’t believe 2011’s just about done. I’ve finished a few projects in the past couple of weeks, but haven’t had quite enough time to photograph them! So, I have just one December FO to show for now.

This project actually went pretty quickly, after I started working on it more than once a fortnight.

Pattern: Textured Shawl Recipe (Ravelry link) by Orlane
Yarn: Jo Sharp DK Wool Tweed in Oatmeal
Needles: US7 / 4.5mm Clover bamboo circular

My only modification was to mirror the textured pattern.

It’s really more of a scarf or shawlette because of it’s size, but I like that, I think. Cute and warm, but not too bulky or unwieldy. I’m glad to have it, and I’m glad to have used up some of the oldest yarn in my stash.

Speaking of which, I didn’t really like working with the Jo Sharp DK Tweed – it was pretty rough on my hands. It did soften up a little after a wash, though. I wouldn’t wear it right next to my skin, but it’s nice as another layer.

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Fall startitis

Argh. Things have been busy! Though not too busy for knitting, because guess who cast on for four different projects in October? (Yes, I know it’s December already…) Yeah, that would be me.

I’ve got a Textured Shawl in progress, using some Jo Sharp DK Tweed I’d had since… 2005, I think? I know I got it early in my knitting life, started a scarf with it, and then got bored with it about two inches in. This project, on the other hand? Much better. Easy, but not mind-numbingly dull.

Next, a new pair of socks! I’m so glad Spey Valley turned out to be the next pair for my self-imposed sock club, because I really didn’t have the heart for another pattern with twisted stitches so soon. Sadly, I don’t think it’s the best yarn-to-pattern match in the world – the second ribbing pattern is especially lost here – but oh well.

Speaking of finishes, the third new project is also an FO. I got a new phone in October, so I decided I’d make a quick little sleeve for it. Or sock. Whatever. As long as it helps keep my phone from getting scratched in my purse, it’s all good! The yarn is left over from the Kindle sleeve I made earlier this year, though I knit it on US0s this time.

Unfortunately, it pools a bit at this gauge, though the worst of it’s actually happening on the back of the phone (in this photo at least). Oh well. I can live with it. I think.

So, what about the fourth project? That’s also an FO now, but it merits its own post. Just need to take decent photos of it first…

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