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Destined for frogging

I still knit the occasional dud project; in fact I’ve knit two over the past couple of years. I did want to document them before I rip them out, so… here goes.

I wanted a cropped sweater for a couple of outfits, so I whipped one up:


Yarn: Cascade 220 in color 4002
Needles: US5 / 3.75mm and US6 / 4.25mm Clover bamboo circulars

No pattern; I pretty much winged it, though it was kind of inspired by the Minimalist Cardigan from an older Interweave Knits. There was also minimal shaping (a little in the back, none in the front). So I called it Minimal. It wasn’t a particularly noteworthy sweater, construction-wise. Stockinette body, knit in pieces, with set-in sleeves and 3×1 ribbed edging.

So there’s two issues with this one:

  1. I really don’t like this sleeve length on me.
  2. The fronts were way too narrow.

Hence the need to rip. I plan on knitting a better open-front cardigan that addresses these two problems and is also longer, because I’m now over the cropped sweater thing.

The other project destined for frogging actually uses the same yarn, which is convenient, since I’ll need more yarn for the sweater’s second attempt:

Strange Loop

Strange Loop

Pattern: Strange Loop by Morgen Dammerung
Yarn: Cascade 220 in color 4002
Needles: US6 / 4.25mm Clover bamboo circulars

I love the idea of this pattern so much, and I decided to try it out because I was going to the snow for the first time in years, and needed some warmer accessories. And it fit perfectly fine as a hat, and was lovely and warm for weather in the negative 10s (Fahrenheit), but was just a little too snug as a cowl.

So I ripped the whole darn thing out, cast on more stitches, and knit it again. That was better but not by much. The issue is that I used significantly heavier yarn than the pattern calls for, and I did a poor job of accounting for the thicker fabric.

Next time I knit this pattern (and there will be a next time), it’ll be out of fingering weight yarn.

So, there you go, proof that not everything I knit is awesome!

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