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Lune Shawl

It took me over a year to finish knitting, and a few months to get around to blocking and photographing. But my Lune Shawl is finally done!

Pattern: Lune Shawl by Miriam L. Felton
Yarn: Schaefer Anne in an unknown colorway
Needles: US1 / 2.5mm Inox Express circular

Obviously, I did the stockinette version – I wasn’t sure how well the colorway would play with the lace patterning.

It’s an easy knit, and a clearly written pattern, but I didn’t really enjoy it once I got about halfway through, just because the rows kept getting longer and longer without anything to hold my interest. Which is part of why it took me so long to work on. I almost never reached for this project if there was another one nearby, because it wasn’t as fun for me personally.

I really like the finished product though. At this size, it’s really more a scarf than a shawl, but I’m totally okay with that. And yeah, it does want to curl quite a bit at the edges, but that’s part of why it drapes so nicely. I’m pleased with the relative lack of pooling and how the colors go with pretty much every bit of clothing I own, too!

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Matching with my knitting group

I wasn’t actually that excited about the Lune Shawl at first, but then I saw a few in person, since several other folk in my knitting group have one. And then I realized it was awesome and eventually decided to make my own!

The yarn is Schaefer Anne. I’m using the yarn reclaimed from my Shetland Shorty, plus the partial ball that I had (fortunately) never used or given away since.

As for the pattern itself, I’m obviously doing the stockinette version. I find it rather intuitive and don’t need to bother with the charts at all – which makes this a perfect project for work knitting! (Yes, I’m allowed to knit while on the clock! Only while on the phone though.) Not that it’s been my work project lately, but still.

This makes yet another WIP with fingering-weight yarn. I actually have absolutely nothing in progress in heavier yarn at the moment. I really need to change that and get some variety in my knitting life again! I’m just not sure where to start…

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