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From the new Knitty

The new Knitty is out, so I think it’s about high time I posted a picture of this project.

Don’t mind the shadows. And okay, this picture definitely doesn’t show off the project as well as it could, but I just really like this shot for some reason. There’s a clearer picture on the pattern page (well, of half the pair, anyway).

I’m sure you’re all very tired of hearing about just how long it took me to actually finish the pair, so I’ll spare you the details, but for the record, at least I got the first sock done on time!

Folks, don’t ever ask me to test knit.

Anyway, full project stats:

Pattern: Falling Leaves.
Yarn: Patons Kroy in Forest Green. Well, that’s what Jess says the color is, anyway, and since I lost the labels during my move…
Needles: US1 Brittany Birch / Crystal Palace. Used a mixed set because I broke too many of each kind. ^_^*
Started: June 5
Finished: August 23
Notes: I did a bit less than an inch of ribbing, because it turns out that I was inept with my measuring tape one day (don’t ask), and then of course had to do the exact same number of rows on the second sock. And yes, the socks are loose on me, but I’ll wear them anyway. Because I like them, darnit!

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One goal down, several more to go

The goal was to finish Falling Leaves this weekend. And I was well on track before Whistlestop, except then I forgot to decrease somewhere and didn’t notice it until four rows later, and by the time I unknitted and fixed it, I was too tired of working on the sock. I still could have finished on Sunday night, though, had I not gone over to Rich’s. Oh well.

So I finished knitting the sock last night. Considering how bad I usually am at keeping to self-imposed deadlines, the fact that I was only two days behind is somewhat miraculous.

The sock is blocking right now. I might post a detail or two later, but I’m thinking that a picture of the whole pair can wait a bit.

Yay for socks!

The only other goal I’ve made progress on so far is Eris. I’m more than halfway through the left-hand side of the collar, so assuming I stay faithful to this one WIP of mine, I should manage to finish the collar by the end of the week. That is one hell of an assumption, though, so we’ll see.

I need to pick Shimmer up again. I’d like to finish it sometime in the next couple of weeks, but we’ll see what happens.

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Current and future projects

This is what the collar for Eris looks like so far. I’m pretty happy with the cabling.

The one thing that irks me a bit, though, is that you can totally see where I picked up stitches. (The way the pattern works is that you knit one half of the collar, then pick up stitches from one end to do the other half.) Of course, I could have avoided that if I’d just done a provisional cast on in the beginning. But since I sort of just skimmed over the first couple of steps before getting started (note to self: read patterns more thoroughly!), it didn’t really hit me until I was already done with Chart B. Oh well. It’s in the back of the sweater anyway, so I can definitely live with it.

Once I’m past the collar, this will be good TV (okay, DVD) knitting for awhile. It’s hard for me to actually get anything out of a foreign language DVD when reading a cable chart. But once I get to the stockinette section, I can actually read subtitles.

I’ve had one hell of a case of second sock syndrome with Falling Leaves. Other aspects of my life got in the way for awhile, so even if I didn’t already have a problem with FO commitment, I wouldn’t have gotten this done any earlier. So, I wasn’t the best test knitter for this project. But oh well.

I don’t have much more left. Two repeats, a bit of ribbing, and then blocking. (The first sock was already blocked, as Jess wanted to take a picture of it to send to Knitty.)

I totally plan to wear these socks, even if they’re a bit loose. See, Jess, I’m not maligning them! :-P

Of course, I’m already thinking of cheating.

About a month and a half ago, someone brought some back issues of IK to a knit together, and I acquired three of the four 2003 issues (Jess took the fall one). I leafed through those again a few days ago, and while several of the patterns from that year were already on my list, a couple of them just got bumped up a bit in the “Future Projects” queue.

Socks are on my list, and I’m also going to be knitting a rug or two for my place at some point, because I can never have too much color in here. (Not that I have a whole lot yet, but that’s because I haven’t had much time to paint.)

I’m kind of a selfish knitter. Though I might still do some holiday knitting, I haven’t fully decided yet. But, the projects I have in mind for this are on the small side, and I’d only be knitting for three people, so as long as I decide and start by late September, it’ll all be done on time. I hope.

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Lace in public

I was originally going to play poker last night and skip Claire de Lune, but due to a couple of the guys getting sick and so on, poker got cancelled. Man, first they guilt trip me for never playing with them, and then as soon as I decide to join them, they get sick on me. Silly boys. :-P

Anyway, so Claire de Lune it was! I was fairly quiet most of the time, but it was fun just listening to all of the conversation and seeing some new faces.

I made some progress on my Falling Leaves sock while I was there. I’ll definitely finish it this week, which is exciting. I tried it on today, and while it’s a tad bit looser than I’d like, it’s not like it’s falling off or anything, so I think I’ll get a bit of wear out of this thing, assuming I ever get the second sock done… I somehow need to finish the second one in between all the moving preparation, though, so I’m not sure how long it’ll take. I’m putting Shimmer on further hold until I finish the pair, because I’d like to at least try to get those socks done on time.

When I got sick of working with the 1s, I decided to tackle the first part of the Mystery Stole. What an excruciatingly boring step! Sure, it was boring enough for me to knit it and talk at the same time – which is why I brought it to Claire de Lune – but still…

I just finished it, though, and it looks like the next step will at least be slightly more interesting.

I discovered last night that I can’t do a left-handed combined purl very comfortably with laceweight yarn. I can do it just fine with worsted, but I think the combination of the fine gauge and my fairly loose lefthand grip is a rather poor one.

In other news, I installed WordPress on my webspace, but I don’t think I’ll get to seriously play with it (and therefore move my blog) until after I’ve settled into my new place. I did, however, figure out how to display both my personal LJ entries and knit blog entries on the same page. The question is, do I actually want to do that?

Oh well, time for less talking and more knitting packing.

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Bloggity blog blog

I’ve decided that I’m going to move my knitting blog off LiveJournal at some point. I miss hosting my own! Also, my knitting and personal journals have almost completely different audiences (not that I have much of an audience here, but that’s not the point); not a lot of LJers reading me on their friends lists, so my knitting content probably won’t be missed there. I can always just create a syndicated account for the LJers who want to keep up with this journal, after all.

I’m not sure whether I want to figure out a way to display my personal entries (the public ones, that is) on my website along with my new knitting blog. I don’t know if that’ll be more interesting or more inane.

Anyway, so that’ll happen sometime in the near future.

As far as knitting progress goes, I finished the heel for my first Falling Leaves sock tonight! Very exciting. I’ll have this thing done in no time! No pictures yet, and anyway I’m not sure if Jess would mind, since it’s a pattern she wants to submit and if I recall correctly, she friends-locked all pictures of it on her LJ. But trust me, it’s turning out nicely so far. I wasn’t sure how much I’d like them beforehand, as I’m not the biggest fan of lacy socks and the variegated yarn versions obscure the pattern slightly. But now I can see myself wearing my solid green version (on the rare occasions that I actually wear socks, seeing as I can and do wear flip-flops to work).

My parents sent me my Knitpicks yarn yesterday so hopefully I’ll get it within the next couple of days. And then I’ll get started on that Mystery Stole at some point within the next week.

I started Clapotis with the yarn I’d dyed awhile back, but I don’t know if I’ll keep up with it. The yarn’s a teeny tiny bit felted, so I couldn’t wear it directly against my skin, but it’s so pretty in those colors! Though it’d be fine if I wear it with a turtleneck… Or maybe I’ll frog it and make a bag out of it instead. I don’t really know yet.

Sale at Two Sisters and Ewe this weekend. I’m supposed to resist purchases because of my upcoming move, but it’s not really that hard to move yarn, is it? ^_^* I’ll be good and make a list first, though, so that I don’t go completely overboard.

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