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Falling Leaves redux

On a happier note, I finished a pair of socks! I set these out to block last night, and they were dry by this afternoon.

Falling Leaves by Jessica Landers

Koigu Painter’s Palette Premium Merino in color P613

US0 / 2.00mm Plymouth bamboo DPNs

Used a reverse-engineered Dutch heel, rather than the short row heel called for in the pattern.

Yes, I’ve used this pattern before. However, as I’ve mentioned, I’d been working off an earlier draft of the pattern. I followed the instructions to the letter, which included the only size specified at the time, and that size just happened to be a little too large for me. The length was fine, of course, but the circumference? Not so much.

So, version 2 was born.

I accidentally made one of the feet a little too long. And my gauge definitely wasn’t the same for both socks – there’s pooling on one, but not on the other. Oh well. Nothing I can’t live with. I’m still happy with these overall, especially because they fit me so much better than version 1 does.

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Version 2.0

A couple of years back, I’d test knit Falling Leaves before Jessimuhka submitted the pattern to Knitty. At the time I’d knit it, the pattern wasn’t as fleshed out – there was only one size for it, and the yarn-over short row instructions weren’t quite as clear. As a result, the toes aren’t perfect and the socks are more than a bit loose.

I do still like the socks and do still wear them, but I’ve been wanting to make a better-fitting version for awhile. And since I needed a less attention-demanding pair of socks last month, I decided to start Falling Leaves v2.0.

The sock is still toe-up, but I modified it to include a Dutch heel, with an eye of partridge flap. Because while I like how short-row heels look, I don’t like how they fit me.

I did accidentally make the foot a hair too long, but it’s not that big of a deal. I’m not going to rip all the way back because I’m not quite that much of a perfectionist and I can totally live with a sock that’s a couple of rows too long in the foot.

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