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Convertible mittens

For the past few months, I’ve been trying not to add to my stash. Which actually hasn’t been too hard! (Although I’m sure my break from knitting made this easier…)

Then I bought a skein of yarn in mid-December. It was for immediate use, though, so my stash level didn’t change. I bought the yarn for two reasons. One is that I found a few weak spots in my seed stitch rib socks. Of course, I had the leftovers from every project except that one, and all of my other yarn was too fine or too heavy. Also, almost everything was completely the wrong color.

The other reason? I wanted convertible mittens.

(Not exactly true to color, at least on my work monitor – the color is a bit more subdued in person. I may try tweaking the photos a bit to fix this…)

Lorna’s Laces Swirl DK in Aqua

US0 / 2.0mm Inox DPNs for cuff
US2 / 2.5mm Inox DPNs for hand, fingers, and mitten flap

I didn’t really use an existing pattern for this. Though thanks to the “Progressive Gloves” and “Thumb Gussets” articles from Interweave Knits Winter 2003, it was easy to come up with the glove portion.

Also, asymmetric gussets make me happy.

Actually, these mittens in general make me happy, even though the thumbs are a little large. My hands get cold pretty easily, and these will be especially perfect at, say, 6:30 AM on a rainy day.

These mittens are also the most functional hand coverings in my possession. I still use my Endpaper Mitts a lot, but they’re not as warm as my Anemoi Mittens. Which are not as useful as the Endpaper Mitts, since my fingers are confined. As for the fingertip-less gloves I made a few years back, I’ve since lost them, so they’re obviously not very helpful now.

So these mittens? Best of all worlds.

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