Chamomile Top

In contrast with my last post, this post is certainly not about a dud.

This is one of my older projects, one that I blogged about a bit while it was still in progress, and I still contend that it’s yet another example of overambitiousness. Or lack of fear. Or both. But as I said with Captain America’s Shield and will most certainly say again in the future: go big or go home.

Chamomile Top

Pattern: Chamomile Tunic by Asami Kawa
Yarn: Baruffa Cashwool in color 19
Needles: US0 / 2.0mm Hiya Hiya metal circulars
Hook: US2 / 2.2mm Susan Bates Steelite crochet hook

Lots of firsts with this project! First garment made out of laceweight yarn, and a very fine laceweight at that. First project with yoke shaping. First serious bit of crochet.

Also, first time I made multiple major miscalculations, leading to the first time I’ve ever knit a sweater yoke twice, and the first time I frogged most of the (already attached) sleeves and then reattached them by grafting. (Note to future self: the yarn requirement calculations you use for set-in sleeve sweaters don’t quite work for yoke-shaped sweaters.)

Not only that, but I did several other modifications as well. Like I’ve mentioned before, I added a bit of waist shaping. I also shortened the whole thing from tunic length to mid-hip length.

And if that wasn’t enough math for me, I also had to account for a very different gauge, since the Cashwool I used is quite a bit finer than the Alpaca Cloud called for in the pattern.

Chamomile Top


Needless to say, I learned a TON from all that, and I’m more than a little proud of how it all paid off. Seriously, I love Chamomile to bits! But goodness, the amount of work involved. Never doing that again, but it was totally worth it just this once.

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