Small stashbusters

I finished Cauchy on the first of the month, so pretty close to what I was aiming for! No pics yet – I’ve got some of the socks on my blockers, but am still trying to talk T into letting me take a modeled shot. We’ll see what happens with that.

In the meantime I’ve still got quite a bit of catching up to do! Nothing too exciting to show off today, just couple of small projects to use up some random leftovers:

Garter Coaster Beer Cozy

Pattern: Garter Coaster Beer Cozy by Jessica Landers
Needles: US2 / 2.75mm Crystal Palace bamboo DPNs

As for the yarn, I’m really not sure what it is, since I seem to have lost the label. I know I got the partial ball from Jessica ages ago, because I wanted to swatch it and then maybe get more for a tank top, and I know it’s from Knit Picks. And I’m pretty sure it’s a cotton blend. Beyond that, your guess is as good as mine!

I made modifications for gauge and size (since as you can see, this is for a can). Easy, quick project.

The cozy basically lives in my camping backpack, since camping trips are pretty much the only time I drink anything from a can. Also it makes it easier to tell my drink from someone else’s, if I’m not the only one in the group who’s opened a can of something.

The other small stashbuster is one of my own design:

Fitbit One strap

Fitbit One strap

Yarn: Handmaiden Casbah Sock in Midnight
Needles: US0 / 2.00 mm Hiya Hiya circular

It’s a self-designed wrist band for my Fitbit One, because the strap it came with is incredibly uncomfortable and so I kept taking it off in my sleep, basically defeating its purpose. This one, on the other hand, doesn’t bother me at all!

The construction’s pretty simple – it’s basically a mostly 3×1 rib cuff with a knitted on pocket. Still, I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out.

That’s all for the small projects; bigger ones to follow!

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