Getting my crochet on

Crochet is probably my first real craft. My mom taught me when I was three or so, although I forgot about it sometime between then and college. (No wonder it came so easily to me when I tried it again at age 21!)

The only crochet project I’ve ever finished as an adult was a single scarf. I’ve done crochet bindoffs and the like for knitting projects since, but I’ve just never had much desire to go beyond that.

Until now.

This is the start of the waistband for the Chamomile Tunic (with an American quarter for scale). I have 26 more flowers to crochet. In laceweight.

I’m sure that sounds a little overly ambitious for someone who hasn’t seriously crocheted for… well… ever. And maybe it is, but it’s not actually beyond my skill set. It’s just a little rough on my hands and wrists because of the scale. So I’ve set an upper limit on the number of flowers I make per day, and as long as I crochet no more than that, I’m fine.

After I’m done with this waistband, the next step is to pick up stitches along the top and start knitting up. I won’t be done with crochet entirely – the sleeves and neckline have a crocheted edging as well – but this is by far the trickiest bit of the entire pattern. I’m having fun with it so far, at least!

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