I know it’s hard to tell from my lack of posts, but I swear I’ve been knitting! I even have proof. Here, take a look at one of my newest FOs:

Pattern: Lizette by Anne Ginger
Yarn: Classic Elite Allegoro in color 5616
Needles: US3 / 3.25 Knitpicks Options metal circulars and Inox grey DPNs

I love this so, so much! Even if it did turn out a bit lower cut than I intended…

(I need to get a v-neck tank top that better matches my skin tone; I’m wearing a white one in these pictures.)

I made a few modifications because my gauge was a bit different from that of the pattern. Also, I’m too short to knit this as written, anyway. I really don’t need an almost knee-length dress with the waist shaping hitting just above my hip, thank you very much.

My changes weren’t too drastic, though. I made the top shorter and did more decreases between hip and waist. I also did more increases on the front than on the back to better fit my bust. (Although, I really wish I’d done the bust increases vertically, rather than at the edges like the pattern calls for…)

I reworked the sleeve caps for shorter armholes, with the help of French Roast Design’s armscye calculator. Finally, I added about an inch of length to the sleeves. I would have liked them even longer, but I didn’t want to unravel my swatches and use that yarn because I knew I’d split it quite a bit.

Speaking of which, I really love how the yarn worked up, but I didn’t enjoy knitting with it that much. I know, I know, every single yarn out there has been called “splitty” by one knitter or another. But Classic Elite Allegoro is fairly loosely plied, and that didn’t go well with my relatively sharp needles. (I don’t have duller metal circulars in the same size, and the bamboo ones I had were too grippy for the yarn.) So, splits ahoy. I might try this yarn again with different needles, though.

Oh well. Totally worth working with the yarn to get this top, though!

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