Too many WIPs, not enough time

I currently have six projects in progress. (One of which you haven’t seen yet, but it’s really just a set of dishcloths/handtowels. Boring, I know.) I used to be totally comfortable with this number of WIPs, but now? Not so much. I’m itching to start something new – probably the blue sweater you’ve seen swatches for – but I’m going to make myself finish at least two things first.

Juno Regina has turned into my work project, and I’m kind of hating it, not gonna lie. I’m so tired of dealing with the Malabrigo lace that I’m only going to use the one skein I’ve wound. If I only get a scarf out of it instead of a stole, then so be it. My Lune Shawl’s hibernating, not because I’m bored with it, but because I want to finish Juno Regina (my older shawl/scarf project) first. And I’m really not feeling Gothic Spire right now, so it’s going incredibly slowly.

The only project I’m really enjoying, and therefore the one I’m likely to finish next, is Lizette.

The front is knit in two pieces, which will be joined by i-cord at the end. I finished the medallion chart yesterday, so I’ll probably finish the upper front some time this weekend. From there, it’s just the sleeves and finishing left.

I’ll probably finish either the Kindle sleeve or the dishcloth set over the next couple of weeks, and then it’s on to something new! So exciting!

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