Swatching away

I used to be really lax about swatching. This is largely because I mostly knit shawls and socks for awhile, and gauge isn’t as critical for those. Okay, it kind of is for socks, sometimes. But shawls? Just find what you like and go with it.

You know what finally convinced me to start doing decent swatches? Realizing that no matter what, I will always have to either modify existing sweater patterns or make up my own altogether. And having a good idea of gauge is really important for the number crunching.

Why do I always have to modify things? My size, for one thing. The other is that I pretty much never use the yarn called for in the pattern, and don’t usually like my chosen yarn at the pattern’s gauge. Luckily, the required calculating doesn’t bother me at all. In fact, I rather enjoy it most of the time, but then, I’m a bit of a nerd.

The pictured swatches are for two things. The blue swatches are in Brown Sheep Serendipity Tweed (which you may recognize from my attempt at a second Tubey). I’m planning to turn this yarn into some sort of short-sleeved pullover.

The beige swatches are in Classic Elite Allegoro, and are for a project that I started last week:

This is the start of Lizette, from the most recent Twist Collective. Mine will be quite a bit shorter, for obvious reasons, and I’ve also rewritten some of the shaping to better fit me. So far, so good!

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