Why I don’t post about current events

Confession 1: When I started this blog, I’d queued three weeks of posts up from the get go, and I have drafts for another three weeks’ worth in the pipeline. (Although the WIP photos are more recent; I have the text prewritten, and just add photos shortly before the intended publishing date.)

Confession 2: I can be selfish at times, with a tendency to think of and make things all about me.

These two things are a huge part of why I haven’t posted anything about recent world events. The other part is that, well, that’s really beyond the scope of this blog anyway. But I’d be lying if I said those events didn’t make me feel helpless, and angry, and grateful, and a whole mess of other emotions all at once. (Ugh, see what I mean? I’m making it all about me again. And no one needs to see that!)

I don’t have enough words to express just how I feel or what I think about many of these things, or why all of these events and issues should matter to you. But there are countless other bloggers who do. So rather than half-assing it myself, I’ll leave that task to the better bloggers.

So, this particular blog? It’s nice if you want a diversion from what’s going on around us all. But please don’t forget or ignore the more important things altogether. And if you can do something to help, even in a small way – please, please, please do.

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