Cleopatra Wrap completed!

The Cleopatra Wrap took me longer than I’d originally intended, but I’m really glad I decided to take my time with it. It was a lot more enjoyable that way, and now I can look at this without remembering the rush and stress of meeting an unrealistic deadline.

Instead, I just break out into a big grin whenever I look at my new wrap. Because how can I not love this?

Cleopatra Wrap by Miriam L. Felton (published in Sensual Knits)

RedFish Dye Works 20/2 silk, unspecified color

US2 / 2.75mm Knitpicks nickel-plated circulars

Believe me when I say that pictures don’t totally do the wrap justice – I love the color so much more in person, it’s all silver and shine. And the finished product is nice and drapey.

The yarn itself is really lovely, and I enjoyed working with it! In fact, I’m planning on buying more at Stitches West. If you get a chance to pick some up, do, because all the colors are gorgeous! (I was even tempted by some of the pinks, which is amazing considering how much I normally dislike pink.)

I don’t think I mentioned the construction before, but basically, it starts by knitting one end and placing it on a spare needle. Then you knit the other end and continue on to the main repeat. Finally, you graft the two pieces together. Pretty cool, no? The grafting did get a bit tedious about halfway through, but it was totally worth it in the end.

I’m super happy with this wrap!

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  1. marisa says:

    It beautiful!! Great use of that yarn :)

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