July 2007 goals

I really haven’t been knitting much – I break out the Mountain Stream Scarf at weekly knit nights, but that’s about it. Which explains the lack of blog updates. But!

I didn’t set any June goals, so here’s how I did for May’s:

  1. Finish one sock – Not done.
  2. Knit at least 1 inch for Eris – Done!
  3. Knit at least three repeats of the Mountain Stream Scarf – Done!

This month’s (kind of belated) goals are simple:

  1. Knit at least eight repeats of the Mountain Stream Scarf
  2. Knit outside of Thursday knit nights
  3. Work on something other than Mountain Stream Scarf (preferably Eris, but the socks will do)
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One Response to July 2007 goals

  1. Donna says:

    Hi, glad to see you back. I hope you get your goals done for this month.

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