Yes, I’m a slacker

So I said I would post a picture of my newest lace WIP, and look, I’m actually doing it! (More than a few weeks late, admittedly. But better late than never, right?) Here goes:

This is a Mountain Stream Scarf, using the yarn leftover from the Tina Shawl. The pictures I took last week didn’t turn out so well, so this picture is from early April. But the scarf doesn’t look much different now – it’s just several repeats longer.

Surprisingly, I’m still not completely bored with it. I think part of it is because for some reason, I find the edging slightly non-intuitive. Also, believe it or not, but this is my very first garter-stitch-based project. So I’m not really used to reading my knitting in this sort of ground and it occasionally confuses me. Oh well. I’m sure I’ll get used to it at some point.

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