November 2006 goals

October was, shall we say, quite a bit more tumultuous than I had anticipated. Hence the following:

  1. Finish chart 3 and at least part of chart 4 for Peacock Feathers – Done!
  2. Finish at least one toe sock – Not done.
  3. Finish Eris again. (Hopefully it’ll be more wearable than the last time I’d “completed” it.) – Not done.
  4. Finish at least one new WIP – Not done.

I fail. But hey, it happens. Now, to get my knitting mojo back:

  1. Finish chart 5 of Peacock Feathers
  2. Finish two other WIPs (preferably one older, one newer)
  3. Work on remaining WIPs
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One Response to November 2006 goals

  1. Nicole says:

    It’s good to have goals. Mine are mostly Christmas presents this month.

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