Fall travel knits

As I suddenly had to go out of town for the second weekend in a row, my travel knits are seeing a lot more action than my other WIPs. Just as well, because I didn’t get anywhere near as much knitting as I thought I would while on the East Coast.

So, let’s say hello to my travelling projects:

Just when I thought I was done knitting scarves, too. This is a slightly modified version of Norah Gaughan’s Here and There Cables. Yes, it’s pretty skinny, but I prefer skinner scarves, especially when they’re as thick and squishy as this one is (ah, the magic of reversible cables). And besides, I live in San Diego, what do I really need a larger scarf for?

As pretty as Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock is in the skein, and as awesome as it looks in the ball, it pools like crazy when knitted up, at least in the Black Purl colorway, and I tried at least half a dozen stitch patterns and stitch counts before settling on this. At first I couldn’t decide whether I loved this one or loathed it, but now that I’ve completed the leg, I adore it, as busy as it is. (No accounting for taste, after all…) Yay for slipped stitch patterns!

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