Rambling about techniques

The last thing I need is more potential posts to mull over, but that’s never stopped me before!

For example: decreases while knitting back backwards. Now, would anyone benefit from a post (or two or three) with pictures of the processes? I’d kind of like to write a series on that, but if I’m the only one insane enough to knit in such a way, I’m not sure if my efforts would be wasted. Especially since I don’t know how easy backwards decreases are if you have little dexterity in your non-dominant hand.

I’ve also got a couple of mirrored knitting posts on the brain. For example, I’ve been planning a mirrored knitting back backwards tutorial. I’ve already got some pictures of the process, originally taken because once upon a time, I was going to write a “compare and contrast” post on mirrored kntiting vs. knitting back backwards.

Maybe I’ll actually get around to writing these. Or maybe I’ll just forget about them like so many other past potential posts. Who knows?

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