April progress report

Haven’t finished a project yet this month, but I have made progress on most of them!


The sleeves continue. Slowly. This project has been hurting my hands, so I’ve been keeping work on it to a minimum, but I should still be on track to finish by the end of the month.

No pictures yet, because they’re not particularly interesting, but just know that the current sleeves already fit better than their predecessors.

Forest Path Stole:

I pinned out a section of the stole to see how large it would block out, then did some math. Stopping at the end of tier 15 should give me a stole just under 6′ long, give or take a couple of inches, which is a good length for me.

I’ve almost completed the top seed stitch triangles.

Next up, the uber-boring seed stitch borders!


One sock down, one to go!

Don’t let the picture fool you – the stitch pattern is actually a little less clear when it’s stretched out over a human foot. That’s variegated yarn for you. Oh, well. At least the colorway’s pretty.

I decided I’d try a Dutch heel with this sock, as the round ones seem to be too loose for me. This heel fits okay (and will probably fit even better after blocking), but I’ll have to keep playing around with different types to see if there’s another one that fits me better.

In other news, I’ve been absent from local knitting meet ups lately. It’s not because I’m deliberately being antisocial, though! A couple of weekends ago I was sick, and the weekend before last I was up in the Bay Area visiting family (which is my excuse for forgetting to hit East Bay yarn stores). And this past weekend, well… I just forgot. Oops! Hopefully I’ll be there this Saturday, though.

Oh, and I have no willpower. I went to Common Threads on my lunch break yesterday, just to get size 3 DPNs (for the FPS borders). I came away with not only the needles, but with two skeins of Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock in Mineshaft. It’s a good thing that they only stock one other colorway that I like, because otherwise I might have come away with even more yarn.

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  1. Rosetta Jackson says:


    I am truly new to multidirectional knitting. I am struggling with a scarf. I do like the sock with the Dutch heel. Is there any way you can forward me the pattern or let me know where to find it. It is truly a beautiful sock and you have done a wonderful job.


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