Couch potato

I haven’t finished a book since February 4. I haven’t even read much in the past couple of weeks. While I normally use the TV just for DVD viewing, I turn into a complete couch potato at certain times. And the Winter Olympics are one of those times.

I should be back to my normal bookwormy self next week, though.

1919 is getting more difficult for me to read, mainly because there are so many characters in U.S.A.. 700+ pages into the “trilogy,” I’m having a damned hard time keeping everyone straight, particularly since most of them aren’t remarkably interesting in and of themselves. The indistinctness helps create the social portrait – some of them are so vaguely defined, it’s easy to see them as an “everyman.” But it makes it harder for me to remember where they fit or how exactly their stories are progressing.

The Sheltering Sky is quite a bit easier, and I’d be done with it already if I just stopped sitting in front of the TV. I haven’t gotten too far into this book yet (I’m only a few chapters in), but I fly through it when I actually pick it up. I like it so far but can’t quite pinpoint why.

Hopefully I’ll finish at least one of these books by the end of the month. But we’ll see.

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  1. Kat says:

    I totally know what you mean. In January I read 13 books, this month I’ve only finished five. Which is perhaps why I have four in progress right now…some sort of compensation. I am so totally addictted to the Olympics…winter or summer, I am completely glued to my TV for the two weeks (okay, two weeks and two days, this time around) they’re on.

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