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Fingerless Farinelli

Okay, let’s start looking at my 2010. I somehow managed to go half the year without finishing anything. Until I finally did a quick project, that is.

Pattern: Farinelli by Ysolda Teague
Yarn: Brooks Farm Acero, unspecified color
Needles: US3 / 3.25mm Crystal Palace DPNs

I used Ysolda’s shorter, fingerless Farinelli notes as a starting point, but made some additional modifications due to the heavier yarn and gauge. Mostly I recharted the lace, to shorten it by two rows and narrow it by two stitches. Basically, I cut out the very center bits from each main lace repeat.

I also reworked the decreases to better suit my arms.

I probably should have cut a little more out from the lace, or eliminated another plain repeat. If I had blocked these gloves more aggressively, then the lace would stand out more, but the gloves wouldn’t actually fit. I opted for blocking to fit, but the lace suffers a tiny bit.

Oh well, they’re still lovely and more than just wearable, and I really enjoyed the pattern, so I call this project a win!

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