So… hello, there.

Yes, I know it’s been four (!!!) years since I last posted here.

Knitting-wise, not a ton happened until the end of last year, partly because my wrists were an issue and partly because I just didn’t feel like knitting for awhile. Life-wise, well. We all know what’s been going on in the world, right? At least, I certainly hope we do, because I’d really rather not get into it much on this specific platform.

I’ve decided to revive my blog, mainly because I’d like to start documenting my knitting again. Fortunately, I never relied solely on Ravelry, so at least I don’t have to fully rebuild project pages here or anything. As far as my WIPs and FOs go, I can just start posting them here, without the “cross post to Ravelry” step that used to be part of my process.

I do have a significant amount of blog reworking to do, though, since web design’s changed a lot in the past four years and my layout was a bit outdated even in 2016. So in the coming weeks, in addition to catching up on FOs, I’ll also be working on updating the layout, adding alt tags to images, and other site maintenance. I’ll also be removing all Ravelry links, due to how they are (not) handling accessibility.

That’s all for now. More to come!

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3 Responses to So… hello, there.

  1. Austin Curtis says:

    Your website pushes to and I was wondering if you were soon to give up the antinomic name. If so, I would be interested in it!

  2. Austin C says:

    I’m wondering if you’re interested in selling the domain at this time?

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