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Shawl o’contrasts

Look, another long-overdue FO post! Just how overdue is it? Well, I finished the knitting and blocking in December and decided to reblock it in late January. Oops…

Lots of project-related rambling here, so don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Pattern: Lotus Blossom from Fiddlesticks
Yarn: KnitPicks Shimmer in Morning Mist
Needles: US2 Crystal Palace for the body, US8 Clovers to bind off

The pattern’s pretty simple, and the first half of it is especially boring. But in a solid-colored or nearly-solid-colored yarn, it produces lovely results.

However, since I didn’t use a nearly-solid-colored yarn:

KnitPicks’ Shimmer is pleasant enough to work with, but in my eyes there’s one problem with using it in lace – the high contrast in colors. I had originally chosen this yarn for another project because it looked the least contrast-y on my monitors (and there were no color cards available at the time, so I had no real way of knowing), but when I saw it in person, I realized it wasn’t going to work for that project

Lotus Blossom seemed like a good idea, because it had big enough solid blocks in between all the yarnovers. So I started it, and then the colors began to pool, and then I frogged it and decided to just alternate two balls, which gave me stripes instead of pools for most of the shawl… until I got to the last few charts. Blobs of color, here I come!

So, two lessons learned: be careful when ordering online, and don’t use super-contrasty yarns for patterns like this.

Returning to the point of alternating two balls, I carried the unused strands up the side, which may have been a slight mistake (the carrying part, not the alternating part). Or maybe it would have been fine if I hadn’t done it so tightly. As it is, I couldn’t stretch out that side as much as the other, so the shawl’s a bit lopsided. No biggie, though.

The shawl’s quite a bit smaller than the dimensions listed on the pattern page, because I used a finer yarn and smaller needles without otherwise adjusting the pattern. Even after two blocking attempts, Lotus Blossom is still slightly smaller than I’d prefer, but it works, mostly because I’m pretty short (and have a proportionately short torso to boot). In retrospect, since I have so much yarn left over, I could have just doubled the yarn and used larger needles, which would have gotten the size into my ideal range and may have also helped with the color issue.

Those of you familiar with the pattern may notice the absence of bobbles. I generally don’t like bobbles, so I just did a k2tog bind off all around. I actually knit the last plain row on size 8s before binding off, which may have been a mistake. Or not. I haven’t decided yet.

Overall, I’m not completely thrilled with it, mostly because of the color thing, but I do like it well enough, and I’ll definitely get some use out of it.

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Not-so-finished objects

I forgot to take a picture of Eris before washing it, so you’ll just have to wait for finished photos. But, pre-blocking pictures of other projects are here!

First, here’s what one chart repeat looks like for Hermione’s cable-and-bobble hat.

(Brightened a bit to better show detail. I swear it doesn’t really have an orange tint to it in person.)

The hat looks really narrow like this, but then again, it’s folded into thirds for this pictures. It will actually fit on my head as it is, but it’ll be more comfortable after a good blocking.

And look, it’s a wad of yarn with holes!

This is otherwise known as the unblocked Lotus Blossom shawl. I always forget how crappy lace looks before blocking.

The beautiful thing about living alone in a decently-sized place is that I actually have enough room to block three separate projects without worrying about them getting stepped on or sat on or otherwise screwed up somehow. I’ll pin Lotus Blossom out on the futon in my living room, and the hat can be done on my counter, since I’m using a bowl for blocking it. (No, I still haven’t blocked either of the pictured projects yet, despite having had pictures since Saturday. Oops!)

Eris is laid out on a blocking board on my floor at the moment. No pictures, because like I’ve said before, my interior lighting isn’t well-suited for photography.

Wow. I have a shockingly low number of projects on the needles now. I might have to fix that.

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End of the stems

I finally finished chart 4 of Lotus Blossom.

It’s still not the most fun project I’ve worked on, but it’s significantly less boring now that I’ve finished the stems. I may actually finish it within the month, since I enjoy working on it more now.

Except I think I’ll have only used half of the yarn I had on hand, so now I’ll have to figure out what to do with the rest. I have no ideas whatsoever. And since the yarn’s too contrasty for anything but the simplest lace, and simple lace is boring, I’m not looking forward to the prospect of knitting something else with this yarn.

Grr. I swear the colors didn’t look that contrasty on my monitor when I ordered it. But, lesson learned for next time, I guess.

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Star Trek and lace

I spent a fair chunk of yesterday knitting lace while watching episodes Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. No wonder some of my co-workers don’t know what to make of me.

FPS is still going beautifully – I just finished the fourth tier. No pictures yet, because there’s only so many in progress pics I can take of this project. Besides, if I wait another tier or two, I can get a much nicer picture of the lace part (rather than all the bunching up around the needles).

I’ve made some progress on Lotus Blossom as well:

I’m partway through the second chart. I’m debating on whether I’ll need to modify the pattern to feature longer stems… the shawl seems tiny right now, and I’m not sure just how much larger I can block it. I guess I’ll just wait and see how it looks once I finish chart 2 before I make up my mind.

I’m not thrilled with the color distribution, but that’s what I get for using such a contrast-y yarn. (It didn’t look that bad when I ordered it!) Oh well. It’s better suited for this project than it is for my other pipeline lace projects, so…

And no, I didn’t finish my right glove over the weekend. However did you guess? :-P

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Resistance is futile

You know what I said about not starting another project until I finished something?

Well, I lied.

I started the Forest Path Stole two nights ago. It doesn’t look like too much right now, because right now I’m still doing all the setup. You start off with a seed stitch border and triangles, and those are kind of a pain. Even so, it’s going fairly quickly. One reason is Norwegian purling. The other is that the yarn (Jaggerspun Zephyr) is lovely to work with, so it’s more fun than it might be with some other yarns.

I should get to the really interesting part within the next couple of days. Lace plus entrelac should be a fun experience.

And just so you know that I haven’t completely forsaken my other WIPs…

I restarted Lotus Blossom the night before starting FPS, and I’ve finished the first chart. It’s a much faster knit than I’d thought. So, that one goal about Lotus Blossom? Easiest goal ever.

I’m much happier with it now that it’s on 2s.

I’m almost finished with my left glove, but I think I might have made it a little too short now. Just an itty, bitty bit. I’ll see how I feel about it after I block it.

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