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Two and one

To kick off this journal, I thought I’d post a few things I’ve finished recently, now that I’ve found my camera’s USB cable. It’s not everything I’ve ever made (I haven’t taken pictures of everything I’ve done, though next time I go up to the Bay Area I’ll take pictures of my family’s gifts) but it’s some of the more recent stuff.

(As a note, I’m a knitter on a budget, and generally most of the yarn I use comes from Elann.

My take on Sophie, using smaller needles and not-quite-complete felting to give it a more interesting texture. (Though the camera flash makes the stitches stand out more than they really do in real life). Looks a little brighter here, color-wise, than it does in person. It also had a small knitting project and ball of yarn inside it when this picture was taken, hence the slight bulge in one of its sides. Uses Peruvian Highland Wool.

An iPod cozy, knit in the round and designed as I went along. Not blocked because I’m lazy and it’s not like it’s a shaped garment or anything. I think if I did this a second time, I’d cast on a couple of more stitches; while it fits fine, it needs to stretch just a bit more than I’d like to accommodate the iPod. Also uses Peruvian Highland Wool.

A toe-up sock (my first!), knit using Sock it To Me Essential. Its mate is currently in progress.

Pictures of WIPs to come when I find my camera battery charger (or replace it, depending on how desperate I get :-P).

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