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Cables and bobbles

I finished this hat nearly two months ago, but I’ve just now taken a decent enough picture of it to post. (Me, a slacker? No….)

Pattern: Hermione’s cable-and-bobble hat by Lauren Kent
Yarn: Cascade 220 in color 9404 (ruby)
Needles: US6 Clovers

I believe this is the first time I’ve ever used the recommended yarn for a project. Cascade 220 doesn’t feel that nice to me when I’m working with it, and I’d never wear a sweater made out of it, but it makes a perfectly good hat.

My gauge tightened up a bit as the project progressed, so unfortunately the hat doesn’t fit me quite the way I’d like it to. It’s still totally wearable (I’ve gotten plenty of use out of it), but you can tell that it’s stretched out a bit more than it should be. I’m planning on knitting this hat again, as my mother wants one, and because I like the gauge, I’ll just adapt the chart to make it a few stitches wider. Shouldn’t be too difficult, really.

Normally I prefer shorter brims on my hats, so I didn’t do as much ribbing as the pattern called for. But in retrospect, I think that a taller brim would actually suit this hat nicely. Oh well, lessson learned for next time!

I have no idea when I started this project, and while I do know that I finished it sometime before Christmas (as I took it with me to my vacation), I don’t know the specific date. It’s not a very time-consuming project, though, and the pattern’s really easy to follow. As I’ve mentioned before, it’s not entirely movie accurate, but it’s fun and cute, in my opinion.

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Not-so-finished objects

I forgot to take a picture of Eris before washing it, so you’ll just have to wait for finished photos. But, pre-blocking pictures of other projects are here!

First, here’s what one chart repeat looks like for Hermione’s cable-and-bobble hat.

(Brightened a bit to better show detail. I swear it doesn’t really have an orange tint to it in person.)

The hat looks really narrow like this, but then again, it’s folded into thirds for this pictures. It will actually fit on my head as it is, but it’ll be more comfortable after a good blocking.

And look, it’s a wad of yarn with holes!

This is otherwise known as the unblocked Lotus Blossom shawl. I always forget how crappy lace looks before blocking.

The beautiful thing about living alone in a decently-sized place is that I actually have enough room to block three separate projects without worrying about them getting stepped on or sat on or otherwise screwed up somehow. I’ll pin Lotus Blossom out on the futon in my living room, and the hat can be done on my counter, since I’m using a bowl for blocking it. (No, I still haven’t blocked either of the pictured projects yet, despite having had pictures since Saturday. Oops!)

Eris is laid out on a blocking board on my floor at the moment. No pictures, because like I’ve said before, my interior lighting isn’t well-suited for photography.

Wow. I have a shockingly low number of projects on the needles now. I might have to fix that.

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