Lace and conversation

Kristen organized a knitting get-together at Rebecca’s last Saturday, where I met Jennifer, Allison, and Erika for the first time. There were also some familiar faces: Kristen, Jessica, Marisa, and Cora. I was pretty quiet, but I still enjoyed myself.

The goal is to make the get-together a weekly thing, but this weekend is also a Whistlestop weekend. I’m trying to decide whether I should go to both or just pick one.

I will hopefully have a new project on the needles to work on by this weekend, because lately, the Forest Path Stole has been my only knitting-in-public project.

It’s a lace and entrelac stole, so it doesn’t look particularly simple. In fact, it’s apparently somewhat of a minor miracle that I can still pay attention to (and occasionally participate in) conversation while knitting FPS.

However, I’m on the 15th tier.

This means that I’ve knit each chart at least 16 times. By this point, I’ve long memorized each chart’s internal logic, which means that I don’t have to refer to my printouts very often.

So FPS is actually the easiest project for me to tote around right now. Neither of my remaining WIPs is as suitable for knitting in public. Eris is a bit too large and fiddly for me to tote around (trying to knit sleeves in the round when they’re already attached to a sweater body is not so fun). And my toe socks have a non-intuitive striping pattern, so I can’t just mindlessly work on that in public either.

I’m getting fairly close to the end here. I’m done with the lace either at the end of this tier or after tier 17, and then I’ll only have the seed stitch borders to do.

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