Winter (if you could call it that :-P) WIPs

I had to frog my first sock to below the heel late last week, because I’d somehow wound up with extra stitches and didn’t notice until I was about three inches past the random increases. I finally found where they were, swore very profusely for not having noticed earlier, started ripping, decided I wanted to fix the big gaping hole between the heel and the instep (which I’d tried to work on as I went along but had sort of failed at), screwed that up, and then ripped some more.

Oh well. Shit happens.

After all that, though, it went pretty smoothly. And as of Saturday afternoon, I now have a new sock! (I’d post a picture, but I still haven’t found my USB cable. Grrarrrr.) I’ll be working on its mate over the next few days.

Man, after working on this, my size 6s seem positively huge in comparison.

I’ve also been working on my Cozy, which I haven’t gotten too far into because I kind of let it go to the wayside in my initial sock excitement. Unfortunately, I majorly screwed up somewhere, and while the few mistakes I’d made previously were easy enough to fix, this last one required unknitting almost an entire pattern repeat. Yeah, that was not fun. But it was either that, or rip all the way down to my lifeline (which was several repeats down at the time).

On the plus side, since I’m working with alpaca yarn this time, I decided I’d try just splicing the ends of two balls together so that I didn’t have to do the whole weaving-in-ends thing (which was not fun the last time I did this pattern). It worked beautifully, but I really should’ve just used half the plies of each strand for that, which I didn’t think about at the time. So I’ve got a slightly thicker strand running through somewhere, but while it’s noticeable to me at least, it doesn’t really bother me all that much. (And no, I didn’t use spit because that grosses me out. Wrapped a damp cloth around the twisted-together strands for maybe half a minute, then unwrapped it and rolled the join between my palms.) I’ll just have to make sure I don’t repeat that mistake when I add the next ball in.

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